The Ultimate Toolkit You'll Need For Your Future Home Build

Building a home can be overwhelming and mistakes can be costly. Our dream home kit equips you with the right tools to save you tens of thousands of dollars in overspending.

Even if your not ready to build or just start the journey of designing your dream home, our toolkit is essential to have. Let us help you bring your dream home to life with expert guidance every step of the way. That way you can be prepared when it comes time to start planning.

Plan of this house included with the kit

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From Planning to Building to Decorating: All the Resources you Need to Build Your Dream Home

  • Checklist of things to keep in mind before you start building
  • List of common pitfalls to avoid
  • Expert advice on selecting the perfect location for your dream home
  • Our proven 7 step process for choosing the right architect/contractor
  • List of top architects, interior designers and landscape specialists
  • 100 color palettes for your dream home
  • 100 plant combinations for your dream home
  • Sample architect's brief
  • Sample architect/designer/contractor research sheet
  • House design and build expense sheet
  • And more...

Get Equipped With the Right Tools so you can be Prepared

With the right tools, you can be fully equipped and prepared for any situation. Let us provide you with the tools you need to succeed, whether you're building a home in the near future, or simply looking to be more prepared when the time comes.

Also included:

Expert Crafted Legal Contracts

Get customizable legal contracts that take the hassle out of the home building process. We have contracts for contractors and architects. That means you can make sure all parties involved are on the same page and that your dream home is built without delay.

Home Blueprints and CAD Files

Our 25 modern house plans and blueprints provide you with a range of design options and make it easy for your architect to build from. (CAD files included)

Know-how to Avoid Disasterous Mistakes

Do you know the 9 classes of materials you should completely avoid when building your home? Or the 17 types of buildings or site conditions near which you should never build a home? We cover crucial issues like this in the kit.

Beautiful, unique homes:

Get The Dream Home Kit Today So You’re Prepared In The Future

Ready to start building your dream home with confidence? Sign up now to access our customizable legal contracts, expert guidance, and extensive resources to ensure a smooth and stress-free home building process. Don't let common mistakes and unforeseen challenges derail your dream home - let us be your guide. Get it today!

This is an absolute must-have if you ever plan to build your own home. The book and resources answered so many of my questions, and the plans included are just fabulous!

Irena Lunden


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