How to build your house error-free, within budget and without being taken advantage of by anyone...

...even if you have zero previous experience

You research your cellphone. You research your TV. You research your refrigerator. You research every big purchase before you part with your hard-earned cash. But how much research do you plan to invest in the single biggest expense of your lifetime – your home – before it gets built?

Which of these mistakes will you make?

Embarking on building a custom home can be an expensive, time consuming and mentally draining affair if you make bad decisions. Here are just *some* of the things that could go wrong...


You have no idea about the 11 factors you should take into account when choosing the location of your home or the 17 type of buildings or site conditions near which you should never build a home.


You don't know whether you're even at the right phase in your life to start building your home. You just think you need to build one because your peers are doing the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth.


The home building process is like a symphony with a diverse cast of people doing specialized things at different stages and you need to know what everyone, including you, should be doing at each stage. If you don't, people will take advantage of you.


While we're all fans of Pinterest here, there is a lot of planning and preparation involved besides that before you even set foot inside an architect's office. Don't worry, Pinterest is in our workflow too!

And we haven't broken into the top 4 yet. Things could get a lot worse

This is not a full list but here are a few more super-costly errors that could adversely affect your project and finances long term.


You aren't aware of the 9 class of materials that you should completely avoid while building your home. As a result, in a process known as off-gassing, harmful compounds leach into your water or migrate into the the air in your home risking the well-being of your family.


Being a first time home builder, you haven't sat down to balance your current expenses and you think that the building quotes you received are all you need to consider.


You have no idea about the 7 step vetting process you should follow or the 10 red flags you should watch out for when choosing professionals. The result: you hire someone unqualified for the job who ends up fleecing you.


The guy looked honest and it sounded like a fair deal then. What could possibly go wrong?

What if there was a single resource that could tell you everything you could possibly need to know about the home building process...

...without jargon and in an approachable way that everyone can understand

We looked and looked but we couldn't find one. So we decided to build it ourselves. Here is what our kit includes:

1. Your Dream Home: The Ultimate Guide You Need To Read Before You Start Your Journey

In this tell-all book, we cover:

  • 16 Common Mistakes People Make When They Plan Their Dream Home... so you can avoid them and save money and valuable time which means you have more resources to invest in a better home (Page 13)

  • 9 Classes Of Materials You Should Completely Avoid When Building Your Home... so you can prevent toxic compounds from leaching into your water or air which means you can have peace of mind knowing you have ensured a long-term safe, healthy and hygienic environment for you and your family (Page 125)

  • 11 Factors And 18 Red Flags You Should Take Into Account When Choosing The Location Of Your Home... so you don't end up establishing your base in a place that could threaten the safety of your family now or in the future, which means you can sleep peacefully for the rest of your life (Page 39)
  • Our tried and proven 7 step process in choosing an architect and contractor along with the 10 red flags to watch out for... so that you don't end up hiring the wrong person and lose tens of thousands of dollars down the road while getting sub-standard service (Page 169)

  • 10 Factors That Determine When It Is Time To Build A New Home... so you don't jump in underprepared and get your hands burned (Page 17)

  • Typical Workflow Involved In Building A House.... So that you can be confident in knowing who does what and not be taken advantage of (Page 25)

  • 19 Actionable Tips & Tricks For Budgeting Your Home... Which includes methods for boosting income and increasing savings so that you can stretch your budget and build the best home you possibly can (Page 31)

  • Practical Tips To Find Your Perfect Lot... along with negotiation tactics and questions you should ask the seller and neighbour so that you get the best deal possible which means more budget for your dream home (Page 64)

  • How to plan the perfect home, figure out how big should your home be and what rooms should it home have? What questions should you ask yourself before you begin planning? What Pinterest boards should you have? (Page 73)

  • What style, layout, solar orientation, sustainability features should you opt for? (Page 92)

  • How to make nearly every part of your home smart... so that it it is secure, consumes less electricity and mundane tasks get outsourced to smart gadgets which means you save more money in the long term and have more time to spend with your family (Page 137)

  • How to make your home elder-friendly, child-friendly and baby-proof... so that it provides a safe environment to all family members no matter what age group they fall in, which means you can have mental peace knowing that no accident magnets exist in your home that threaten vulnerable members in your family (Page 146)

  • How to work productively with your chosen architect and contractor and get their best work done for you (Page 190)

  • Basics of contracts and why you need them. We even included a sample contract you can edit as per your need (Page 219).

  • 7 elements and 7 principles of Interior Design with tips to craft beautiful interiors so you can design praise-worthy spaces on your own. (Page 231)

  • 5 elements and 5 principles of Garden Design with tips to design spectacular outdoor spaces so your gardens will be the talk of your neighbourhood (Page 277)

  • Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist... so that you can keep your dream home looking great for decades which means not only would it feel like you are living in a brand new home every day but also you can put a higher resale value to your home in case you ever decide to sell it

  • Plus lots of tips and tricks that will make you feel like an expert from start to finish

2. Twenty Five Modern House Plans

A mega-pack of digital plans for 25 modern homes (save an average of $5,000 on planning costs). Designed in partnership with experienced architects from around the world. When you buy the Dream Home Kit, you buy the right to use the plans - they are yours to do with as you please. Want something truly unique? Choose a plan you love as a starting point, then customize it with the help of an architect

3. 100 Outstanding Architects From Around The World

Use this curated list of one hundred accomplished architects and examples of their work, to find a style that fits your vision. Discover an architect you’d like to connect with? No problem - contact information is included.

4. 100 Outstanding Interior Designers From Around The World

We’ve sifted through thousands of designers to compile this list of 100 top professionals. Check out their work for inspiration and use the contact details to get in touch. Why not test out some ideas in your current home?

5. 100 Outstanding Landscape Designers From Around The World

Prefer pro-hands for your outdoors? We’ve got that covered. Browse 100 top landscape designers, and examples of their work. Their contact details are conveniently provided, ensuring effortless communication if their work captivates you.

6. 100 Color Palettes For Your Dream Home

Browse stunning color palettes and see how they bring decor to life, with real examples. Paint names and color codes are provided, so you can recreate your favorite palettes with ease.

7. 100 Plant Combinations For Your Dream Home Garden

This stunning manual will help you find plants that look great, work well together, and are suited to your climate and soil-type. Why not practice by designing a breathtaking garden for your current property?

8. Architect/Designer/Contractor Research Spreadsheet

When you're searching for the perfect professional, having a spreadsheet to track your research, their references, and your impressions is essential. This handy spreadsheet ensures everything stays organized and streamlined.

9. Architect Fee Comparison Spreadsheet

As you research architects, you will find that different architects have different fee structures. Some follow a rate per square feet approach while others might opt for a percentage of the total build cost. No matter what structure they use, this spreadsheet gives you an easy way to enter costs and compare them so that you don't get confused.

10. Sample Contract With The Architect

Discover peace of mind with our sample architect contract. This comprehensive document outlines the terms, scope of work, and legal aspects, ensuring a transparent and professional collaboration with your chosen architect. It can significantly deter disputes, and in the event of one, you can be confident that your interests are well protected. (Lawyers typically charge hundreds of dollars for this)

11. Sample Architect Brief

Need guidance on how to present your ideas to the architect? We can help. Our sample architect's brief offers a comprehensive guide with clear examples.

12. Sample Contract With The General Contractor

Use this sample contract along with the information in this kit to create an easy-to-understand contract that will protect you against every potential scenario, making sure that your finances are protected in case anything goes wrong.

13. House Design & Build Expense Sheet

Easily track and manage expenses down to the smallest detail so that you can see where your money is going and why. This sheet makes it easy to avoid cost-creep that can quickly cause project budgets to spiral out of control.

Here's how Having The Dream Home Kit Changes the Game

The Conventional Way

(The Hard Way)


The Dream Home Kit Way

(The Easy Way)

Difficulty choosing safe, hard-wearing and cost-effective materials


Easily choosing materials that are budget friendly, high quality and which are not harmful to your health

Endless experimentation with color palettes and still not finding the right fit


Ready-made color palettes to suit every taste, room and mood

Building and design mistakes, without the right professionals to support your vision


Easy access to world-class professionals, who share your vision and can collaborate harmoniously

Unexpected costs due to contractual oversights and mid-project mistakes


Staying on budget and on target, with clear contracts that protect your investment from the word 'go'

Disappointment, disillusionment and giving up on your dream


Congratulations, here are the keys to your dream home

With The Dream Home Kit You Can...

Access Invaluable Resources

Find everything you need in one place so you can stop searching and spend more time on the things that matter.

Identify World-Class Professionals

Learn how to find, interview, hire, and manage skilled professionals so that you can get a better value for your investment.

Get a Clear Sense of Direction

Clarify the process and streamline every step so that you can stop worrying and start doing.

Avoid Mistakes

Use expert guidance, clear plans, and helpful examples to avoid mistakes that could demolish your budget.

Save Time

Cut months or even years off your project so that you and your family can live in a safe and beautiful home even sooner.

Save Money

Get professional plans, guidance, forms, and contracts at just a fraction of the price you would spend anywhere else.

Not quite ready to start building your dream home? You should still get your Dream Home Kit now, and here’s why…

Be Prepared

The Dream Home Kit gives you the real-world guidance you need so that you feel more confident when you're ready to begin.

Get Inspired

Use this extra time to make sure that every aspect of your new home gets the attention it deserves for comfort, safety, and enviable style.

Enhance Your Home

Test out design elements, color palettes, and garden layouts so you can boost the resale value of your current home before you list it.

Huge Savings

Budget concerns? All the more reason to take advantage of these stunning home plans at a dramatically reduced price while they're still available.

Our story and why we built The Dream Home Kit…

It began with a passion. A passion for inspiring people to dream…

Our mission has always been to help people imagine, create, and maintain beautiful homes. In pursuit of this mission, we sought expert advice and crafted content focusing on interior design, architecture and landscaping.

As we continued our work, people started to take notice…

Big Name Publications Began Referring To Our Content:

And Our Reach Grew to What it is Today…









Over time, something important came to our attention…

We recognised that the main challenge people face when designing and building their own home is that there is no one-stop resource to guide them through the process from start to finish. We even heard some sad and scary stories of people...

So, we set out to compile an easy-to-use kit that included beautiful plans, practical guidance, and insider knowledge. The Dream Home Kit was designed to be a comprehensive crash course in custom home creation. We’re proud to say, it does exactly that! But hey, don't take our word for it!

If you ever had angst about not knowing enough about the home building process — from ideation to completion, this is the single most important thing you could own.

Alexandr Pananaiti


Total Value Of Items Included In The Kit

Included In The Kit

Typical Price

Your Dream Home Guide


25 Modern House Plans


100 Outstanding Architects


100 Outstanding Interior Designers


100 Outstanding Landscape Designers


100 Outstanding Color Palettes


100 Outstanding Plant Combinations


Sample Contract With The Architect


Sample Contract With The General Contractor


Sample Architect's Brief


Professionals Research Spreadsheet


Architect Fee Comparison Spreadsheet


House Design & Build Expense Sheet


What This Usually Costs:


Our Price


*$199 with Coupon: LUCKYME

Code expires on May 10. Hurry!

We Guarantee This Investment

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you are going to love the resources and home designs in our package.

But if you don't, we we will refund you in full, anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase.

No questions asked.

Wait, there is more!

For a limited time we are including 2 bonus ebooks with this kit. There is no guarantee how long we will keep these extras going, so hurry!

Book of Beautiful Homes

Walkthrough 40 uniquely designed, stunning homes with full-color images and detailed reflection on the outcome of each unique feature to inspire your own design.

Best of Interior Design

100+ images that include some of the best work we have ever featured. Compare the layout and style of professionally designed rooms for each of your main rooms: living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom to inspire your own layouts.

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